I am currently offering individual and couple/family therapy (remotely) to anyone in the state of PA.

About me

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist based in, what is colonially known as, Philadelphia, PA. I have a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy, and a Ph.D. in Couple and Family Therapy.

I am passionate about the work of healing and see it as an integral part of healthy relationships with oneself, family and community. As an Afghan refugee, Muslim, and queer femme, I am deeply and especially committed to the work of healing in POC, refugee, immigrant, Muslim, and queer communities.

My Orientation to Healing

I believe in the importance of a holistic framework that focuses on the intersection of individual, family of origin/intergenerational, current/historical socio-cultural, and spiritual factors and presenting issues (e.g., relational dysfunction, anxiety, depression, loss, identity conflict, emotional dys-regulation, etc.) Additionally, I work from a relational, trauma-informed, intersectional, feminist, and de-colonial framework.

My approach to healing weaves in exploration of your past while making meaning of present experiences and relationships. I work collaboratively and believe you are the author of your story – together we co-create opportunities for growth and healing.

Lastly, I am a firm believer in the significance of doing my own personal and self-of-the-therapist work which has beautifully paralleled my professional journey in this field thus far!